Industry Conclave 2024

VIT Bhopal University

The objective of the Industry Conclave is “Building Bridges for Mutual Growth and Innovation” which highlights the crucial role of academia-industry collaboration in achieving collective progress and fostering innovation. More..


VIT Bhopal University

The First "International Conference on Data, Computation and Communication" is an event focused on the fields of data, computation and communication.  Conference Website   Data science is an interdisciplinary field focused on extracting knowledge from typically large data sets and applying the knowledge and insights from that data to solve problems in a wide range […]

ICIPMSL – 2024

VIT Bhopal University

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Mathematics, Science, and Linguistics 05- 07 December 2024 Organizes School of Advanced Sciences and Languages (SASL) (Mathematics Division) VIT Bhopal University. Conference Website The objective of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Linguistics is to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among participants from various disciplines. It […]