Job Opportunities and Salaries in the Gaming Industry

Indian gaming sector is growing at an annual rate of 14.3% and is currently valued at ₹6507 crores. The growth is attributed to a number of factors such as higher disposable incomes, new gaming genres, and an increase in the number of smartphone and tablet users.

Job opportunities available for a CSE gaming technology graduate are:

  • Game Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Game Designer
  • CEO of a gaming company
  • CTO of a gaming company
  • Physics engine specialist
  • Mathematics Designer
  • Game Player
  • Level Designer
  • Visual Artist
  • Research Analyst
  • Game Artist
  • Animator
  • Game Programmer
  • Writer
  • Network Programmer
  • Producer
  • Game / Script Writers

The Indian markets provide the best opportunities for collaboration and developmental work as it accounts for the world’s second largest internet population, a huge pool of creative talent and skill base, world-class infrastructure, advanced technology and the presence of build development centres in Companies like Microsoft, NVidia, Sony, Zynga, Disney, etc.

Gaming technology spans all engineering branches and this programme will open more doors for students than those available for conventional CSE students. Gaming has great potential for every industry with applications in healthcare, military, marketing, education, etc. A game designer can attract a salary ranging from 6-12 lacs per annum. VIT Bhopal estimates a starting salary package of 8-10 lacs per annum.

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