Gaming Specialization in VIT Bhopal

The program curriculum is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge in the core subjects and their application. Study of devices; control, use, storage, measurement and generation of power and energy are some basic subjects of this program. Various baskets of elective courses offered in every semester to facilitate specialization, wherein, courses from parent stream and outside are offered to choose. Extensive laboratory sessions and project-based learning are introduced in the second year to complement theoretical learning. It is the final year electives, which determine the students’ specialization, and channels their career path. Final year projects are facilitated with industrial collaborations. Periodic guest lectures are arranged by the university where subject experts from the industry address the students and interact with them.


VIT Bhopal is the first school of engineering to offer specialization in Gaming with an impressive set of students, looking at education from the positive side of gaming- reward, accomplishment, and fun.The programme has been designed as a pathbreaker in Computer Science Engineering with emphasis on the core skills needed by Computer Science Engineering augmented with futuristic skills needed to survive in the software Industry. The students will essentially focus on hardcore programming, skill development, and innovation with a base in theoretical computer science. More emphasis is on practical skills and each student will showcase their skills to the wider industry. The students will have a foundation of computer programming, game design, game art, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data analytics, owning and incubating a business, game physics, gaming mathematics, etc. They will essentially use the theory to create their own worlds in augmented, virtual and mixed reality and collaborate with gaming communities around the world. Thus the students graduating from this program will have an option to go for higher studies in the exciting areas of computer engineering such as artificial intelligence, data science and analytics, gaming, sports analytics etc.

This program enables you to not only get a good grasp on the programming aspect of it, but also a great way to understand people, refine your skills as a CTO/CEO


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