Esports: Too Early or Too Late?

Esports, the massively popular platform for professional gamers and streamers to put their skills to the test in an online show of reflexes, concentration, potential and experience. However, even with the introduction of these tournaments that have gained a massive following with the newer generation, there is often a bad taste associated with the subject in many forums of thought among those more experienced. 

Hence, the question remains to be asked, was gaming as a profession introduced too early, or too late? Games today the challenge the minds of youngsters with intricate puzzles, baffling level design and detailed mechanics to gameplay that can vary infinitely. As such, they promote reflex development and logical analysis of situations from a young age, in most cases however, this is accompanied by a lack of physical development.

To the parents and these children who weren’t exposed to this platform, the concept can seem alien and thus prevents many from accepting the growing gaming industry as a viable job opportunity, despite showing exponential growth over a span of few years. Out of this growth emerged Esports as platforms for those that played these games to show their proficiency.

In conclusion, it is drawn that due to the lack of exposure or the exposure from too young an age has led to the lack of acceptance of gaming as a career. Although, however the start, only time can now help give the industry the recognition it needs.


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