Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one of the fundamental branches of the engineering discipline which finds appreciable relevance to products that we use in our daily life; products developed by Mechanical Engineers that bestow our lives with convenience, comfort and security. Just imagine a situation – you need to travel from home and reach your workplace on time. One of your modes of transport would be an automobile. Without the enormous developments in the domain of mechanical Engineering, would that be possible? The answer would certainly be “no”. We must have rapid moving vehicles to fulfil that need. Advancement in Mechanical Engineering has facilitated travel in air-conditioned vehicles, mass production by automated machines, development in farming/ mining machinery, growth of food processing industry, oil & gas sector, aviation, railways and much more. 

In India, qualifying the 12th std examination in science stream is a prerequisite to pursue mechanical engineering. Sound knowledge in physics and mathematics, too, is essential. Mechanical Engineering program curriculum broadly covers the study of three domains namely design, thermal and manufacturing engineering. At VIT, this program is inclusive of these. In addition, our students are equipped with adeptness and know how to solve many technological and social issues by applying their knowledge, through critical thinking. 

Job opportunities for graduate mechanical engineers are aplenty as their inputs are crucial in sectors like automotive, railways, aviation, oil & gas industry, power industry, HVAC design & maintenance, robotics automation, process industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry and cement industry to name some. Mechanical engineers make noteworthy contributions in research and development of new products, production & maintenance, control systems and automation.

Post graduation/ research in specialized domains of mechanical engineering, pursuing a management degree are other career options that graduate mechanical engineers can avail of. This will require them to qualify entrance examinations like GATE and CAT respectively. Securing a good rank in GATE examination, conducted by IITs, fetches them attractive jobs in PSUs. 

Career prospects for graduate mechanical engineer are tremendous. The Make in India initiative by the Indian Government is expected to further reinforce the careers of mechanical engineers, in the years to come. 


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